Hotels Near Mountaineer Casino, North Las Vegas

If you’re looking for a great hotel near Mountaineer Casino, North Las Vegas is the place to be. As Las Vegas’ liveliest and most entertaining strip, this strip area has something for everyone. The hotels here are incredibly luxurious and offer the best in luxury accommodations.

With its famous Mountaineer Casino, North Las Vegas is the place to be for Las Vegas weddings. The extravagant wedding ceremony will be sure to make your guests swoon with delight. You can even do some last minute shopping around the strip before the big day, then, after all the preparations are done, you can relax in the sparkling swimming pool of the Hotel Nines, which is located just down the road from the Mountaineer Casino.

Park yourself at The Luxury Park. With a soft sand beach, this hotel offers beachfront accommodation for couples in the Las Vegas area. With sweeping ocean views and large, luxurious rooms, you can be sure to enjoy your stay. Book a room near the ocean for an unforgettable getaway.

You don’t need to pack in order to take advantage of some of the finest hotel suites in Las Vegas. This hotel provides rooms with a breathtaking view overlooking the Las Vegas Strip. Relax in comfort and enjoy the views from your private balcony. With these suites, you’ll have a chance to get a close look at the sights of Las Vegas, including the famous Venetian Casino, right in your own room. Choose from one of the Luxury Villa Rooms and enjoy the spa treatments and free high speed Internet access for a truly unique experience.

Since so many celebrities frequent the casinos of Vegas, the world-famous Sahara Hotel is well known for its spectacular views of the city. With breathtakingly beautiful architecture and an enormous swimming pool, you can get away from it all at the luxuriousSahara Room, which is located in the Sahara Room Hotel. Enjoy a perfect view of the Strip, while sipping on the drinks that the hotel makes for you.

Carolina Hotel is a true symbol of elegant elegance. You can bask in the fine cuisine of a fine restaurant located on the property and then enjoy rooms with exquisite views of the Strip. If you’re looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Carolina is the hotel for you. The fully renovated and fully air-conditioned guest rooms of the Carolina are only steps away from the casino.

For golf lovers, the Mountain Peak Resort is the place to be. With its lush greens and fairways, you can bring your game to a whole new level. This golf resort has beautiful beaches and lush grounds where you can enjoy yourself on a day that will be spent at the beautiful outdoor water park. Enjoy the features such as an indoor water park, a spa, and a golf course on the property.

The Mountain Peak Resort also offers a variety of other amenities. Perfect for family and honeymooners, it offers a gourmet dining room, a yoga studio, and a playroom for kids. Add a little of the countryside to your stay at the resort, and you can almost feel like you’re on vacation.

If you’re looking for night life, The Shops at Mountaineer has plenty of it. From nightclubs to dance clubs, there’s a nightlife to suit any taste. With seven bars, five discos, and three discotheques, you can find the right spot for the type of party you want to throw.

For travelers who prefer the romance of the heart, you can find the Romance of North at the Hotel Mountaineer. Located within the grounds of the famous Mountain Crest Hotel, this hotel provides romantic elegance with unparalleled facilities. From five star suites to penthouses, the Hotel North is able to meet your every need. From luxurious bedrooms to plush executive suites, the hotel is able to provide every romantic need.

For those who have children, the newly constructed The Village at Mountaineer offers child-friendly accommodations. An idyllic village style atmosphere, delicious lunch and dinner menus, and energetic playtime are available at this quaint, child friendly hotel. Village of North offers fun activities for the kids and parents, including swimming, soccer, basketball, and fishing.