Skiing In The White Sulphur Springs

If you have been wanting to hit the ski slopes in the Washington, DC area but have found yourself traveling across town and finding yourself with a little bit of time on your hands, perhaps you may want to consider visiting Mountaineer Casino in Wheeling West Virginia. Located in the White Sulphur Springs area of West Virginia, Mountaineer Casino is easily accessible by bus or taxi from Washington, DC. Other bus lines available are those to Washington Dulles International Airport, Dulles Toll Road and Capital Beltway.

mountaineer casino in wheeling west virginia

If you’re just a local going on a ski vacation, you will find Mountaineer Casino to be an excellent alternative to many hotels throughout the city and is also well known for the scenery it provides in the White Sulphur Springs area. Whether you plan to stay at a hotel in or around the city or want to go straight to the slopes there are plenty of things to do here, not only is Mountaineer Casino popular with locals and skiers, but it is also known for some of the best ice rinks in the country.

No matter what you are looking for there are plenty of options for things to do in the White Sulphur Springs area. Here are a few suggestions for activities that may fit your personal style and budget.

In Wheeling West Virginia, Mountaineer Casino has a great indoor mountain-themed lap pool for skaters of all skill levels. While there are no defined hours, this is generally open between 11 AM and 10 PM every day of the year and some days are double sessions.

This should be your first stop if you’ve got some free time between your skiing or snowboarding and visiting Mountaineer Casino. Along with the lap pool you’ll find some of the best skates on the mountain, including:

Nordica, the American, Nordic Trainer, UCI and Iso Valle – the same trainers you’ll find at other events. You can even take lessons from an instructor. And if you’ve never experienced using them before, a trained mountain guide will help you on the slopes to get you used to your new and improved ride.

For those who don’t enjoy the mountain atmosphere but still want to try out their riding skills, one of the facilities that is in Wheeling West Virginia is the Hockey Arena. The rink is great for beginners and beginner to intermediate players. There is even a room where you can rent equipment to use while you’re training.

For those skiers who are a little more advanced there are three different mountain trails that lead directly to the skating area. Some of these include Snow Falls, Snow Lodge and the Wooded River Trail.

If you’re here on a family vacation, you’ll love the fact that many of the rooms are family friendly, including the one on Wheels in Wheeling West Virginia. You can book a room or suite at Wheeling Casino right next door to your hotel for your convenience.

As a skier Mountaineer Casino is just a short drive from some of the best ski resorts in the Northeast. From the slopes of Aspen, as close as five miles away to the summits of the highest peaks in Vermont and New Hampshire, Wheeling West Virginia is well worth a few days on the slopes and maybe a few days in one of the many mini-resorts around town.

In the White Sulphur Springs area of West Virginia, Mountaineer Casino is one of the best ski resorts, as well as a great place to stay. If you’re in the area you should definitely consider visiting.