Safer Gambling Week 2021

Safer Gambling Week 2021

Yesterday saw the commencement of Safer Gambling Week 2021 in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, an initiative setup by operators to promote safer gambling.

The week will see cross-industry promotion of Safer Gambling Week and on Thursday 4th November, the EGR Summit: Building a Safer Gambling Business will be held in London, bringing together all those who have a vested interest in the sector.

Following on from final year’s event, the purpose of Safer Gambling Week is to drive awareness of responsible gambling, the tools accessible to assist you keep in handle of your gambling, as properly as offering sources for support and tips.

Subsequently numerous of the land based establishments, as effectively as websites discovered on the web which are licensed and regulated in the UK and Ireland, will be promoting Safer Gambling Week, highlighting and advertising accountable gambling.

Furthermore, top accountable gambling charities will be holding workshops and coaching sessions throughout the seven day period, focused on parents and these functioning with young men and women.

Right here at Casinomeister we are powerful supporters of accountable gambling and have been all through our 23 years on the web. We have sources to contain How to Quit Gambling and Price range Control.