SwinttStudios – New Partnership Program from Swintt

SwinttStudios – New Partnership System from Swintt

By Simon Wright Mar 23, 2022

The casino game studio Swintt continue to be in the news when it comes to iGaming, with the game developer who just final week released their latest game Orient Train, now unveiling the launch of SwinttStudios, which will allow third party game developers to be able to launch their games on Swintt’s platform.

The SwinttStudios project is a brand-new initiative created to support boutique application providers develop games inside the existing Swintt framework. It will permit studios to focus more on the style and theme of their titles, although Swintt handles the nuts and bolts of game logic and product delivery.

Possessing only been announced this month, the revolutionary partnership system is set to hit the ground operating straight away, with North American application provider, Fine Edge Gaming, currently confirming that they will distribute six exciting slot titles via SwinttStudios throughout 2022.

Founded and managed by a team with enormous knowledge in the US land-based sector, Fine Edge Gaming will use the chance to create a range of engaging games that will cater for player tastes in North America and beyond with the help of Swintt’s substantial distribution network and beneficial back-end tools.

With two titles – Stacking Bisons and Diego’s Hunt – already confirmed, Fine Edge Gaming will use the SwinttStudios platform to develop and release a additional 4 games all through the year, with the collaboration enabling it to use Swintt’s licensing and partnerships to speedily roll out its new goods.

Getting spent over 35 years in the land-based gaming sector operating for heavyweights like IGT and Amazing Technologies, Fine Edge Gaming Lead Founder, Beena Blake, is already a hugely skilled figure in the gaming sector – even so, the added technology and support offered by Swintt will definitely open up new doors and assist her strengthen the company’s on the web presence.

With each parties expecting the partnership to be a resounding achievement, the deal between Fine Edge Gaming and SwinttStudios appears most likely to be the first of many important collaborations on the new product vertical. It will simultaneously let Swintt to make an instant effect with its newest venture by teaming up with an ambitious and hugely respected third-party studio, although also enabling Fine Edge Gaming to share its most current batch of games with new customers in a broad selection of markets.

David Mann, Chief Industrial Officer at Swintt, stated: “With many independent suppliers requiring the support and know-how of an established market companion, we’re delighted to be in a position to unveil our game-altering new partnership plan, SwinttStudios.”

“Through SwinttStudios, we’ll be able to offer the perfect platform for providers such as Fine Edge Gaming to rapidly and efficiently release their product in the markets they need to have to be noticed. With six titles scheduled in 2022, we’re seeking forward to functioning with them on this ambitious new project.”

Beena Blake, Lead Founder of Fine Edge Gaming, stated: “The SwinttStudios project is an extremely important innovation in the iGaming sector and we’re honoured to be the 1st computer software provider to put the new product vertical by means of its paces.”

“By teaming up with Swintt for this exciting new venture, we’ll be capable to combine Fine Edge Gaming’s creative ideas and in-depth information of player tastes across North America and beyond with Swintt’s advanced technology and distribution options to make certain we deliver a very first-class gaming encounter to a brand-new audience.”